Responsibility and trust from early on⎪Working at F-Secure Consulting⎪Duunitori

About a year ago, I was finishing my university studies, and noticed that F-Secure had a cyber security academy trainee programme. I applied, and managed to get through it. The intensive part of the academy year was definitely a great way to learn and get into a career in cyber security. The career opportunities at F-Secure Consulting, you have a lot to choose from. I was doing mostly technical assessments for my first year, but just now I’m I’m transferring to the incident response team. I think my biggest success this far has been being able to deliver client work this early in my career. I think the biggest enabler for that was the trust of other colleagues and all the responsibility I’ve been getting from early on. In F-Secure Consulting, you can get as much responsibility as you are willing to take, but people are still willing to support you.

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