Ru Paul Gives Dame Helen Mirren & Jack Whitehall Drag Queen Names | The Graham Norton Show

I was just I was just in America and everyone I met wanted to talk to me about this version (Really?) of Drag Race. So they all want to know you know, Oh are they as good as the American Queens? -blablablablah- What do you think, what are the differences? What are the strengths? I don’t see how that’s any of your business. *Laughter & Clapping* It works every time! Every time One of the examples, like in America, the the names of the drag queens You know like Mystique Summers Madison, Chi Chi DeVayne, The House of Davenport, all that – here, bag of chips Cheryl Hole They are good Yeah, yeah Graham: Do you have a, do you collect drag – Jack: *laughing* Cheryl Hole Graham to Jack: Do you get it? Jack: Yeah, Cheryl Cole Yeah yeah *Laughter* Do you collect drag names? Do you kind of have – oh yes. Oh yes, I’ve named several queens. I mean not – even before this television – before Drag Race I – I can I can feel a person’s energy and I can I can tell what their name should be, you know? Okay. So on the couch, would you give drag names for our guests? These two? Okay All right – all right, for – I’ll start with – I’ll start with Jack. Where um, where where were you born? I was born in Putney. It’s a very, a very rough part of London. *Laughter* And uh what’s your favorite food? Uh, anything from weight trays. *Audience laughs* Okay, uh okay uh your drag name is – um “Jackie Blackball” *Audience laughs* *Shocked, then accepting his crown* I’ll be the judge of that! *Audience applause* I channeled it – I channel that She’s here! All right now for- Ah yes now – the stakes are high the stakes are high no no, but that’s it really Dame Helen yeah *laughter* So um- If the Queen gave you your drag name What, what was the first record you bought? The first record you bought – at 14? I don’t think I ever bought a record We didn’t, I didn’t have a record player when I was 14, believe it or not. Did you have a favorite band? Um, no, I wasn’t really a bandy person *laughter* Alright, so I mean Edith Piaf, that was more my kind of thing. Okay. So um, what what’s your astrological sign? I’m a Leo. Leo? Yes. Okay. Yes. All right *Helen laughs* I thee, dub you Uh huh. I’m- the voices in my head, they’re talking to me. *Audience laughs* Ah – Yeah yeah, I got it, got it. *clears throat* Sir Lady Cheekbones *Everyone laughs* Graham: Good! Helen: Sir lady, that covers it all doesn’t it? *Laughs* Sir lady cheekbones
*Clapping in the background* *Outro theme*


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