Security Case Study: National Airport of Romania

Our company was formed in 2010 by merging two airports in Bucharest, the major airport of Romania Henri Coanda Airport is situated in Otopeni near Bucharest and Băneasa Aurel Vlaicu Airport it’s based in Bucharest city. We provide service for more than 100 companies inside the airport. We had a lot of problems with legacy network, last two and three years ago. That’s why we choose to change all inside the network, in both airports, in Baneasa Airport, in Otopeni Airport, with a new and very powerful solution that contains not only the network, contains unified communication solution provided by Cisco. In the airport, in general in aviation, the security is critical. It’s very important. The Cisco Security offers us a better solution to see what’s happening inside the airport It’s very good, very reliable. They offer us the possibility to know at zero point if there is an attack inside the airport. They provide us the possibility to know exactly where is the malware, what is the effect of the malware inside the airport. It’s very important to keep the airport live and running 99 percent. For the future, we intend to use the security solution which can provide by Cisco, Sourcefire. It’s a very good solution. It’s oriented by IPS, Intrusion Prevention Solution. It’s our need inside the airport to know exactly what’s happening inside the network. That’s why we choose Cisco Security solutions. The solution provide us in real time every information we need. The IT system engineering inside the airport must operate on some other equipment, because the security, it’s already done by this solution, IPSec solution. In the future, we want to use the ISE solution provided by Cisco because they help us to know each device is running or not, each device is attacked or not inside the airport. It’s a very good solution. It’s a solution that integrates all the technology inside the airport, all the technology regarding networking, regarding server, regarding mobility. It’s helped us implement the “Bring your own device” concept inside the airport.

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