Serving Time through Work instead of Jail | The Uncertain Hour

I had a good friend that I trusted a lot that asked me, basically, if I could help his uncle out. I was just the middleman in the deal, and he set me up with his uncle, who was really the DEA. So I went in, got the guy’s stuff, and I got charged. I was really terrified when I got those charges. I was arrested, and, I mean, my daughter was lying at the bottom of my bed, in her bed, asleep, when they showed up at my house. I realized that I had an issue when I was spending every dime I had, I lost my place to live. Everything just started going downhill at once. You feel like everybody looks at you and judges you by your past or whatever you’re in trouble for. Even if you’re not necessarily, or that’s what defines who you are, but you just made a mistake or whatever it may be. But it’s not a fun feeling.

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  • More productive than sitting in jail, for sure. a much more compassionate response for the sake of her child as well.

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