Setting up my AV to HDMI converter

These are the parts I am going to need to
be able to connect my canon XM2 analogue video camera to an external LCD monitor so I can
easily see the exact view the camera is showing while I am shooting Firstly, a composite AV cable with a 3.5 millimetre
or one eight inch male connector joined to three colour coded audio and video jacks. An AV to HDMI converter box.
I got mine from gadgets for geeks Then a high speed HDMI cable to connect the
converter to the monitor. These cables are available from electronics
and tech shops online. First up I will remove the composite cable
from the packaging and undo the wire tie to release the cable. Now I
will join this end of the cable to the AV IN/OUT port on the video camera. Having done that I will open up the AV to
HDMI converter packaging to see what’s inside. The box contains the AV to HDMI converter and
a USB to mini HDMI cable which is used to power the converter. Now remove the converter from its packaging. You can see two colour coded audio sockets
and one video socket on the input side. On the output side is the HDMI port. On the other side there is a mini HDMI port that
connects to the power supply. There is also a switch to select 720p or 1080p
HD quality. We will now connect the three colour coded
jacks to the sockets on the input side of the converter box. Connect the mini HDMI end of the power cable
to the converter. The USB end we will connect into a standard
mobile phone charger. Alternatively it could be connected to a PC
or a laptop as the USB ports on all these devices run on five volts. Next we connect the HDMI cable to the output
side of the converter and the other end into the back of the monitor. You can see we now have our current video
frame displayed on the monitor in real time. You will note that there is a slight lag in
the monitor display but that is of no consequence when using the monitor as a visual reference
for the video we are shooting. This will allow me to frame the video exactly
where I want it without having to use the small three inch screen on the side of the
video camera. If you have any comments or questions please
leave them in the comments section below and I will respond to them Thanks for watching.

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