Smooth Finish with the Norton Mini Angle Sander – Custom Truck Rack Project

Hi, my name is Gregg here at
Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, Mass. We’re here for a final step with our
mini angle sander. We’re gonna go over changing abrasives and achieving our
final results so stay tuned. So now that we’ve sanded this down we’re ready to
shine it. Now I didn’t sand it down like I may have sanded aluminum down or
stainless steel down because I know I’m going to paint this so I’m gonna shine it
with a non-woven disc right now and just as a note, if you look at this I did
all of these letters after they have been plasma cut with one sanding disc.
So this works really well and I didn’t have to bear down on it too hard it was
relatively easy I didn’t get tired I barely broke a sweat and it’s kind of
hot in here right now. So now just to switch it I just undid that, thread it
right in so now I have the non-woven disc and I’ll be able to put on my earplugs
and my safety shield and finish up polishing this with my non-woven disc. So
with these non woven discs while I’m applying pressure on this I want to go
even a little bit lighter cuz it’s a little bit thicker than that sanding
disc and it has a different texture to it so if I get caught on the edges it
might rip out of my hand or jolt me a little bit so I’m gonna go really soft
and try to go flatter I’m not gonna try to angle it so much. So I’m going to try to
go flat in light around this just to change the texture a little bit so you
can’t see my grinding marks and make it just a little bit smoother but again
we’re gonna paint over this so I don’t have to get it perfect perfect but I
want to get it close. Before we get started I just like to mention that this
mini angle sander has a variable speed adjustment which is really great so you
can kind of adjust it for whatever production you’re working on or whatever
type of sanding you’re doing. So I guess now that we have our non-woven disc
we’re ready to go I think we’re done sanding and polishing
right now we sanded down all the slag off of the letters that have been cut
with a plasma cutter. We shined it up with a non-woven disc. I’m not going to make it perfect because I know this is going to get two coats of paint. but it’s pretty close to being perfect and then we’re gonna take a die grinder, a mini
die grinder, and get inside of all these little edges to straighten it up and get
it ready for painting and remember these tools are many tools so they’re all
about finesse not so much taking and hogging down and using a lot of force so
you can use finesse I used one sanding disc to sand this and I used one
non-woven disc to shine it up that’s all it should take.
The only time that these discs might break or wear down is if you get them
stuck in the edges and that’s where the finesse and they’re using it lightly
will really help you because if you force it too hard it’ll grip and catch
on you but if you go really soft you should be all set. So for those of you
that have used this mini angle grinder we’d love to hear your comments so
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