Spring Salmon Recipe with Ability360’s Steve Norton

(uplifting music) – Welcome, We’re here today at the city of Scottsdale
Adaptive Services Center where I’m going to be
preparing pan seared salmon on spring vegetables for Livability Media. Spring reminds me of
green, fresh, so I chose zucchini, yellow squash,
English peas and spinach ’cause of the coloring
and I personally think the pink color of salmon
looks great on a dish, ’cause part of cooking
is presentation as well. Herbs are a matter of flavor
and a matter of taste. I cook herbs with everything. I do a dish when I use
rosemary and basil, you know. I use these herbs ’cause
they’re milder, so I wanted the taste of salmon to come through. Thyme is very typular to
use with chicken or poultry. You can also use it with
a fish, any fish actually. I’ve added a little fresh thyme to the oil to infuse the oil with the thyme. First step we’re going
to do is heat up the oil so we can pan sear the salmon. I’m adding it to the
pan, I’m going to heat it to a medium high heat and
then that’ll be high enough to sear the salmon. (quick music) With salmon, I love to
serve it with vegetables. This salmon is going to be topped with a basil pesto as well. You can serve it with a nice
crusty loaf of french bread with warm butter, which is delicious. (salmon sizzling) You can also serve it with some rice, or your favorite type of
potato that you enjoy. You swirl this, and
move this off of there. Next we’re going to prepare
the spring vegetables. We have zucchini, yellow
squash and asparagus. You want to heat your
oil back up, you’re gonna set the salmon aside to let it just sit there and cool down. Because of the tenderness
of the vegetables, what you wanna use is the
thickest vegetables first. What we’re gonna do is use
the zucchini and the asparagus and get those cooking
first so the vegetables all come together at the end. So what we wanna do now is
we’re gonna add the peas, the English peas, to our dish, little more pepper, little more salt. Of course you can always
season to your taste palate. And one more squeeze of lemon. (calm music)

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