Stephen Fry’s hilarious Tesla prank 😂 | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

And here’s my question
to you, Andrew Scott. Was that you driving?
No! So… It’s so humiliating.
Do you drive? I do.
Well, I don’t drive. It is the most… Looking for a friend!
“Do you drive?” It’s so humiliating on set.
It’s one of the most
humiliating things because, when you don’t drive,
they get quite worried because it’s all insurance
and when you’re playing a driver… It does seem like poor casting. You’re very good in it, but…
Am I, though? “You’ll believe he can drive!” They come up to you and
they sort of try to help you, and they sort of have to assume that
you’re just completely ignorant. “Do you know a steering wheel?” “Yeah, I know a steering wheel.” “That’s the radio.”
Blah, blah, blah. And then they put you on
what can only be described as a massive skateboard. The whole car, and then
they sort of drag you along, and you do this. And it is just like,
you don’t look like, you know, cool. Like, vroom, vroom! And then you have to
sort of, you know, act. You can never look down. Yeah. Presumably,
you love technology, so you must love
Black Mirror and all the… I do.
I think it’s brilliant. He’s a genius, Charlie Brooker. And, actually, the solution is not
far around the corner because, when I’m in America I have a Tesla,
and it drives itself. It has an autonomous mode. It’s wonderful, if you have friends,
you can scare the living daylights out of them by being on the freeway,
and then, you know, they don’t see you,
you just pull the stalk back three times to go into auto drive
and then you just think… “I don’t know, you got a book?” And they go, “What are you…?
“Keep your eyes on the road!” “No, I can’t be bothered!”
And it drives itself! Another one you can do
as well, a good trick, is, if a passenger falls asleep,
which I hate, because you’ve got to do the driving and there’s
no-one to talk to, I wait until they start waking up
again, and I close my left eye and just… I’m looking, it’s perfectly safe,
but they absolutely… “Wake up!” “How long was I gone for?”


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