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can I ask you a question how confident
are you with the security of your online stopzilla review identity it how proactive are you being to secure
it will most likely if you’re watching this
video then you’re one of the few proactive ones who was a secure your online identity or
you’ve had something that has happened stopzilla review to you beforehand and you want to
protect yourself now in just one of hundreds up examples on April 2014 the NSA revealed a huge
use vulnerability name the heart bleed buck now this blood
would soon a fact well over two thirds other companies on
the web stopzilla review that are using SSL certificates so it’s
the at the top if you see the HTTPS that’s the SSL course security
certificate now can you imagine that this bug alone compromise your passwords and your
credit card information that you’ve typed into the sites like on major sites like
Yahoo and more in they’re easily accessed by hackers worldwide effectively head on over to
Google stopzilla review you type in harpley bug Yahoo you’ll
actually get a lot of information on how it has affected Yahoo and many other sites as well and as you
can see in this article that is on Yahoo it says millions web
sites may have been leaking critical sensitive data for the past two years in my mind that’s pretty scary so in
other words what this does is a basically opens up the securities certificate allow
somebody to go in and scoop up the site in Christian Keyes user passwords insight content now that does sound quite scary and that was what was happening around the world in S
is simply one example only today will help you secure your
online identity stopzilla review and fight back finally get to watch a
former web security expert revealing to you how you can it protect your identity
while surfing online starting today in the step-by-step video course so
basically while ninety-nine percent of the population will really do anything
until it’s too late you’ll be ahead of everyone else and
less up a target so what I want to do down just give you
a quick videos overview of what we’re going to talk about in this video course the number 1 I’m
gonna give your introduction to all my security and how it all works video too we’re
going to talk about online protection 101 things you should not do think you should avoid doing and so
forth the number three were in talk about anti-virus software in firewall software which are two
different things we talk about spyware in lower
production which is different than anti-virus software we’ll talk about passwords in how to create a spreadsheet that will
centralize all your passwords together stopzilla review so that if anything were to happen again
like this then you can easily go and change your passwords right away so setting this up the first time will
actually save you time in the long run so instead of spending
hours and hours and hours now hours every single couple months to your passwords you can
do this within less than an hour and of course the
number six is browser password reach did you know that if you click save password a time you log into
our site on your browser and say the passwords in
your browser somebody could be easily retrieved that information especially if you’re in
a public computer and things like that so I want to make sure that your where
this so you know exactly what to do now we’re also going to talk about
centralizing and encrypting your stopzilla review passwords with a piece of software and then we can talk about surfing
security how you can protect yourself as you surf the Internet and how to spot fishing schemes you’ve probably heard a
lot of phishing scams where a big company will pretend like
they are maybe your bank may be a company that
you use and the real whole goal is get your username and password ultimately
your credit card information so I’m gonna show you basic steps as well as various steps on how to
figure out if the site is fishing and trying to scam you a must don’t talk
about what to do if your identity has been take it for example your credit cards credit
information what do you do at that point so in this specific video training
course your gonna be able to watch over my shoulder step-by-step click by click and learn how to implement the system
right away so Lashley get to see me as I show you step-by-step stopzilla review supersize this video right now being
PowerPoint most to the videos that you watch the video course will actually be screen capture video in
other words you actually see me show you how to do things click by click so grab a three-course today intake
charge up your online identity once and for all stopzilla review

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