Suranne Jones’ hilarious S Club 7 impression! – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Now, Suranne Jones, look at you now,
you know, Dr Foster, Gentleman Jack on HBO, and yet there was a time
in your career when maybe people would not have predicted
those glittering heights. One of your first jobs
was in theatre education? Was it Craggy…?
TIE. TIE. CragRats. CragRats? Mm. So CragRats would go round to
schools… Yeah. ..and what were you teaching people? So, have you ever done any TIE
stuff? No. At drama school I did, yeah. So, you get your van
and you get your set and you get your costumes,
which people have borrowed from all their aunties and nanas
and stuff like that, and bad wigs, put it in the van, go
to all the schools and we were teaching post-education options, so we would go in and
set our thing up and then the 15, 16-year-olds would
come into their assembly and then I and my team would sing
songs to them about their options, and obviously have deeper chats as
well, but it was like pop songs to let
them know their options. One particular was
an S Club 7 song… GRAHAM CHUCKLES we’d go in and sing… # Don’t stop, never give up # Hold your head high
and reach the top # We’re all doing an NVQ # And working in a job! # LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE And then did you get feedback? Yeah, then, to make it worse,
like that’s not bad enough, then you give out forms and you say,
“So what did you think “of the CragRats?” because obviously
it’s a community thing, you need to give feedback,
and we’d go in the van, get our butties from down the shop,
and mine would usually say, “The one with the dark hair
has big tits!” LAUGHTER What’s a CragRat? So that’s the company,
that’s the TIE company. Oh, OK. And what did they mean
when they picked “CragRats”? I’ve no idea. It actually kind of sounds
like more of your code! What was that meaning?
I was a CragRat, yeah. “We’re going to inspire young people
in their lives “and we should call it CragRats.” LAUGHTER Then I did a diversity thing
for binmen in Blackburn. Binmen? In Blackburn? Yeah. And we sang Abba songs. Yeah. Abba? And that was…?
Wow. You’ve lived! LAUGHTER Again, yeah.


  • Axel Aldgård

    1st ⚡️

  • 2nd! 🙋🏽‍♀️ funny how keanu reeves has no idea what’s going on

  • R A R A Fauzi

    3rd (just followin the trend 😂)

  • To describe it as hilarious is a bit of a stretch

  • Watching Suranne as Gentleman Jack its insane how different she looks, she’s so naturally gorgeous and it’s amazing how that was all stripped off for that role.

  • Nathan Crofton-Bond

    Hardly "hilarious"?

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  • Steven Cassidy

    While Suranne gets on with her story it has to be explained to Keanu.

  • Aoife Dijkstra

    It's the TARDIS in human form

  • Keanu just sat there contemplating his life

  • This whole concept seems so exceedingly alien to a non british person, I almost didnt get any of what she said

  • I remember cragrats, think they visited my sister when she was at school. I was probably just leaving school at that point.

  • Charlotte Wallis

    Just rewatched dr foster I absolutely love it!!!

  • Keanu Reeves is the nicest guy man.

  • I think they came to my school in the late 90s.

  • God I love that woman…

  • Kevin Ferrari

    Keanu saying Blackburn lol

  • Taron is so perfect♥

  • Mowing the lawn is funnier than this.

  • Emily Allsopp

    Keanu is a treasure but he always looks 1 step behind everyone else 😂

  • I remember s club 7

  • Legz akimbo

  • The Wolverine

    I remember Suzanne coming to my school in 1999.. all the lads were like 'Who's she? She's well fit!' Ah the good old days 🤣

  • Yawn…… three people, one being a comedian please Graham.

  • ‘Hilarious’

  • Richard Bryant

    She is gorgeous

  • Keanu should feel right at home on that couch as his mom, Patricia, is a Brit from Hampshire in the UK.

  • margaret dunne

    HILARIOUS is the most overused word in the Drama world 🙄

  • RandyPantheGoatBoy

    The nose and the lips…

  • siobhan kelly

    Overhyped average actress

  • Dermot Sheedy

    I cringed when she did the impression

  • If "Hilarious" is meant to be ironic, I agree.

  • As hilarious as stubbing your toe

  • andy roughyed36

    here we go again yet another actress who thinks shes hollywood A lister your not are you suranne.

  • Patrick Harris


  • Aww I remember the Cragrats! Not sure if I ever saw Suranne Jones though…

  • Vuyolwethu Mtyapa

    Gentleman Jack is a fantastic show. Suranne is exceptional in it.

  • Her face is too long!

  • Monique Douglas

    That's about as hilarious as eating cereal…false advertising got me to watch this rubbish.

  • Graham really needs a Face lift
    He's like a melting candle

  • Loveeee 💚

  • Suranne is so sexy.

  • Just for Keanu ' Garbagemen from the town referenced in the Beatles Day in the Life.

  • Keanu is all Americans, including myself. No idea what she was talking about.

  • Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle…together.It's like all my dreams come true.

  • she is truly so charming

  • Geoffrey Coulson

    Suranne jones .Angel of the north -we love you .from corrie to gentelman jack .carry on your doing great.

  • Susie Fairfield

    Suranne is absolutely brilliant. I've watched everything she's been in and she reminds me of Julie Andrews, maybe, dare I say, even better

  • Binmen?

  • Keanu is genuinely nice and very handsome, but so dim and such a third rate actor next to Suranne

  • "A diversity thing for binmen in Blackburn" That's Blackburn the most racial and religiously divided town in Britain -cultural Marxism is strong here .

  • I love Suranne and omg effing love Gentleman Jack!!

  • Nicolise .Harding

    Shame, Keanu is like "what the actual …."

  • Suranne's accent has changed a fair bit over the years

  • Amazing I wish she’d come to my school and did that!
    What if you tried to decide crabrat (I hope that’s right) in Anne lister code?

  • Get sophie and suranne together on the sofa, graham!

  • I thought she was Keeley Hawes.

  • Dimakatso Felicia Madibo

    I will never see her as anyone but Anne lister.

  • Love her s club 7 part so funny xx

  • Is it just me or did Suranne Jones not seemed at all struck by Keanu lol I love this show so much!!!

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