Test av kompakthøyttalere L&B nr 4 2015

Few things are as cool as a pair of monstrous loudspeakers. However, you can also have great sound from a pair of small ones. For a lot of people, a loudspeaker like this one is way too big. That dosen’t mean that you have to give up great sound. If you instead put the same amount of money into a compact speaker, you might get even better sound. These two speakers cost about the same amount of money. The difference is that the smaller one naturally has a smaller cabinet. Which means a stiffer cabinet, with a smaller amount of resonances. This can be an advantage in terms of sound quality. Because the little loudspeaker has fewer parts, the budget can be used on better parts. For instance, this loudspeaker has a better tweeter and a better bass unit than the big one. But the most obvious advantage of a small speaker is the very format. Placement is a breeze! Place it on a bookshelf, on a floor stand, or on the TV bench. On the back of this speaker is a bass reflex port. This makes the speaker play deeper bass. For it to work, the loudspeaker needs some air around it. So, if you place it on a bookshelf, make sure that it is big enough for the speaker to breathe. Not all loudspeakers fit into a bookshelf. Some of them are too big, or simply too powerful. In which case, we recommend a floor stand. With a stand, it is easy to place the speakers where they sound their best in regards to the room. Feel free to experiment with the distance to the wall, and the angle towards the listening position. Even though we now have discussed all the advantages with small speakers, cabinet volume and size of the bass still matter in regards to how powerful sound you’ll get. Therefore, we have steered clear of the smallest speakers and instead chosen midsize stand mount speakers in an effort to combine the best of both worlds.

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  • Nikola Belhadj Sliman

    Tack så mycke
    Eftersom Lyd och bildet har testet Nad D7050 tidigare så hoppas jag får en rekommendation från ere angåendes vilken av dem här kompakta högtaler passer bäst till den nämnts förstärkeren .

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