Testimonial Video Production Grand Rapids Michigan

Testimonials are an essential marketing component
for every business. They establish trust and provide social proof
that your customers need they need before making a purchase. Today, I’ll walk through what makes up an
effective testimonial video, and give you some insight on how we create our testimonial
videos. The reason video testimonials are so effective,
is because they allow the customer to sell your product and not you. Messaging like best product or best service…
doesn’t hold much value if the business is the only one saying it. You need your customers to say it and getting
on video is the best way to do it. Here are the three key elements we make sure
to have in each one of our testimonial videos. Keep it about the customer. Yes, that may sound obvious… but it’s
really easy for a testimonial video to be overly promotional. Ask them about their business, about themselves. That way, when they speak about your brand,
it will come out naturally, and won’t feel forced. Hearing a customer’s story will resonate
well with potential customers because they can visualize themselves using your product
or service. Keeping it about the customer will keep it
natural. Nearly all products and services are designed
to solve a problem is some shape or form. When creating a testimonial video, we make
sure to addresses the pain points of the demographic Questions like: Why did you need this product
or what frustrations did you have prior… resonate well with potential customers…
because they are likely feeling the same way. By addressing pain points you’ll show how
your product or service can solve their problem. Along with hearing and seeing the customer
speak, an effective testimonial will show the product in use by the customer, through
b-roll. By incorporating in-use footage, you’ll
directly tie the message to your product or service. And this helps visualize to new potential
customers, how they might use your product. When we create testimonial videos, we always
make sure to have these three elements in it. Keeping it about the customer, addressing
their pain points, and then showing the product or service in use… By doing this, we create believable testimonial
videos that help grow your business. I hope you found this information valuable. If you have any more questions about how we
produce testimonial videos, or how your business can get started using them, please let us
know. Again, I’m Rob, and thanks for watching.

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