Tests – Fight of the Living Dead (Ep 6)

Somewhere in LA
in a secret location 10 YouTube stars were selected
to take part in a ground breaking
social experiment. To see if they could survive
for seventy two hours in a simulated
zombie apocalypse. [Screams] These are the video
transmissions of that
experience. Fight of the Living Dead
Experiment 88 Previously on
Fight of the Living Dead. – Please, give me the antidote! – Woah, whoa, what
are you doing? The biggest decision
we’ve had to make as a team, Fousey
made for the team. – Sit down! In a mission to retrieve items
from the compromised safe house, brought test subjects face to
face with compromised test
subject Dennis. – Doctor will you
help me, please! [Scream] [Scream] Dr. Bradley was eliminated. [Screams] ConOp thanks you
for your continued viewing. [Bleep] [Jingle] Test subjects please prepare for
the next phase of the
experiment. It’s crazy, like how much
anxiety you get because it’s, you know, you feel like you
have a second to breathe and then that chime goes off and you instantly,
your heart starts pounding, you get like butterflies
in your stomach, and it’s like, okay,
it’s time for another mission. – Rahat, I don’t feel good. – I feel like a ______ belly. [Laughs] – I’m going to a
psychiatric ward. [Laughs] – So is anybody else
going to come back as a zombie? I really want to see JC. – I really hope we don’t
run into Dennis today. We have to go restore the order. We have to find another coil. – What does it do with their…?
– I guess it kills them,
basically? – It just stops every living
creature within a 1-mile radius. – Final mission. We have to activate
this order device, and hopefully we know
how to use it properly. They say it kills
humans, and zombies. Of course, there’s
always a catch. we’ve all made it really far
and I’m really proud of us and, we got to, let’s
try not to give up? Yesterday was so frustrating, and I wanted to just let seeker
get it over with. But the only thing that
kept me going was you guys, and I was just like, my team
needs me now, so let’s try. – I wish we could
grab that pack. The one Dennis had. – We’re about to restore order. We’re going to get the
hell out of here. We’re going to kick
some zombie ass. – Any game plan today? – Survive. – Are you going home? – I hope so. – We’re going to try. – I can come? – Of course you can come. – With you? – Yes. – Okay. [Jingle] – Now releasing type I and
Ttype II necrotic bio forms. – Hey.
– Listen. [Scratching] – What is that? Is that the…? – Guys, get ready,
get ready to go. Get ready to go. [Jingle] Attention subjects. Please proceed to the monitor
for further instruction. – The final day of the
experiment has already begun. To achieve success, you will
have to complete the final
mission. Assembling the order device and
initiating its kill protocol. [Bleep] The remaining coil needed
to activate the device is located in a supply bag. The supply bag is located
on a specimen in a necrotic
disposal area. You must retrieve the bag
to advance to the final stage. – We got to go back
to the disposal. – That’s downstairs. – Yo yo yo yo yo.
Look, on the screen, – Is that one of our people? – What the heck. – Oh, it’s Dennis. – Woah. – Dennis has the coil. – Oh god, he is gigantic. – Okay, we got to go. We got to go, we got to go,
we got to go, we got to go. – Guys, we have
about 20 seconds. – Go. [Zombie noises] – Go, go, come on.
come on, come on, come on. Brandon, pay attention. – This is really
frightening, and just… traumatic, entirely. Do I want to keep going, or do I just want to give
up and lay down, and you know, let what happens happen? The only reason, really,
I’m not wanting to give up is because we work
better as a team. [Zombie noise] I knew at that point we
needed to figure out a strategy, you know. Basically getting the
back pack off of Dennis and going about this
where nobody dies. [Growl] [Growl] – Hey Dennis, do you know
where the coil is? [Gasp] – I’ll sacrifice myself
so you guys can get it. – What? – I’ll sacrifice myself you
guys can get it from his bag. Hey. – No. – Dennis. – Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. – I’ll sacrifice myself – Hold on a second, bro. [Growl] – And now there’s
another zombie. At that point I think
that we knew that we were not
all making it out. – Remember, we’re a team. – Come here, Brandon. Why don’t you come here? – Call your friend off and
I’ll come that way. [Zombie screams] Call your friend off. [Zombie screams] [Growl] – We got to do something else. What the ____ are we doing?
– It has to be two people. It has to be. – It has to be two people. – Okay.
– Yousef. – You distract him. – I distract him? [Zombie screams] – Okay, okay. – When we got in there we were like, okay, we
have to get this bag off of
Dennis. But we’re like, how,
how are we going to do it? Dennis didn’t
play no games. If he wanted to grab you, he would grab you
and body slam you. The dude was a psycho
in that sense. [Zombie scream] [Zombie scream] – Come here. [Zombie scream] – Dennis, we were friends,
come give me a hug. [Zombie scream] – Remember, me and you were
locked in that room together! I helped us! Come to me, Dennis! – You wanted us to come to you,
we came to you. – Raya. – Somebody go distract that one.
Go distract that one over there. – Come here, Dennis. – No! [Screams] – Grab the walkie,
grab the walkie [Growls] – Quietly, quietly,
quietly, quietly. Quietly. Quiet. Quiet. [Growls] [Zombie noises] [Growls] – This way? This way? [Growls] – Which way? Go. Go first. – Nothing’s really going right. Every time we get a win,
something crazy happens. So, you know, we finally
got what we needed, and then the safe house
was overrun. You know, you don’t have
anywhere to go at this point. There are zombies everywhere and most of the
doors here don’t lock, so you’re very, very
vulnerable at this point. – Where do we go? – I don’t know, we’re screwed. – You said go this way.
– Close these. – Is there a light
switch anywhere? There we go. – What now? – They’re type ones. They’re not going to be that
aggressive. [Zombie moans] – Ella! Ella! Ella. Ella! – Here? – Ella.
– Ella’s gone. – Stop. [Screams] – Brandon, pull her back. Brandon! pull her back! – Ella was your friend. Ella will try to hurt you. – Keep her away, I’m serious. – I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. We’ve lost friends, too. We just lost Yousef. – No, no.
– No, It’s okay. We have to move on. You have to survive. We have to go home. – Sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. [Zombie moans] [Growl] [Zombie moans] – We need to break that wall. There’s blood coming in. There’s something
on the other side. – Not good. Guys, it’s just a room. Yeah. – Break the door. Oh, I see what
you’re saying, okay. – Guys, Oh, god. – What? What? – It’s a vent. – Okay. – Oh, ____. – Do you have handcuffs? Do you have handcuffs? In your bag. [Groans] – Good. Good, good, good. – Brandon, you
going to go first? – Yes. – Cynthia, you have
to go after him. – Guys, be careful. This is going to get real. You know, going
through this vent. No idea where this
is going to lead to. We didn’t even know
what was down there. Just, filled with blood. I don’t like that
experience at all. – Are you guys coming? – Go, go, go, go, go. What are you waiting for, man? – It’s like a slide. – Okay now go! – Go, slide. Slide,
brother, slide. – Is anybody else coming? – We’re all coming!
– Yes, we’re going. – Ow! God that hurt. – Be careful when you
slide down, okay? I think he might have got hurt. – I got hurt so bad. – I know. – Oh god. – Ella I’m sorry! – Cynthia! Cynthia! Come with me. Cynthia! – Go, go, go! – Guys, we’re going to have to
leave the shields behind. – Okay, okay, just go. – We’re in a cage. Ow! That hurt! We’re in a cage. – Hey, I’m going to need help! – Come on guys, let us out. I’m so over this. – Hurry up, faster. – Boost me up, boost me up. Boost me up. – Hey, I’m going to need help! – The radio fell
behind the mattress. – I got it, I got it. – Come on Cynthia. – You might have to help him. – It’s behind the mattress.
– Okay. – Right behind you, right
behind you, here we go. Here we go. – Cynthia. – You’re so brave. – It’s okay. We’re going home, okay? – How do we get out of here? How do we get out of here?! [Jingle] – Listen, listen. Thank you for your
continued participation. You will now undergo a
psychological evaluation to determine the mental and
emotional effects of this
experiment. A monitor will ask you
a series of questions. It is imperative that you answer
all of the questions concisely
and honestly. – A mental evaluation? We were told we were
going to be taken to have a
mental evaluation. That’s when the game
completely changed. It was a 180. It went from a very
physical game, no human contact other
than each other to now, there are
all these doctors. – Hello, how’s it going? – Transport the new patients. – Transport the new patients? – What could she
be talking about? – Wait. – Don’t go in the green room. – What are you
going to do to us? – What’s wrong with you? Go. – We have to move on.
– Go! – Fight.
– Are we going? – What other choice do we have?
– Yeah bite me. – Lick my left nipple.
– Perfect, thank you. – Yes, lick my left nipple. – Where is he going? – I don’t know. – Why is he going alone? – Lick my left nipple. – You’re doing great. – We are. Trust me, we are. This is pretty much kidnapping. Guys you realize that. – Lay down. – Restraints? ConOp has taken Brandon. They’ve taken Rahat. They’ve taken Raya. And at this point, the only
thing that I have left is
Cynthia. We’ve been through
hell and back. I don’t know what
the hell is going on. I don’t know if this is
possibly the end. I don’t know where
they’re taking my teammates. – Can you explain
what’s happening, or what’s going to happen to me? [Chains rattling] – You’re doing a great job. – What is this? – Relax, relax, just relax. This will not hurt. This will not help you. Hello there. Say, do you like
mystery stories? Well we have one for you. The furnace was lit, never to go
out again as long as you live. Pull back the curtains
of our magic screen, a clock that’s been ticking
since time began. Time began. I think you’ll agree that
truth is stranger than the strangest fiction. We are now taking pictures
at a ten-minute interval. For the umpteenth
billionth time, good morning. See how he bites off the shell to get at the nut? He knows how to get
what he wants. What he wants. What he wants. What he wants. Isn’t Squeak getting to be
a fat little squeak? [Honk] Just another victim. Cast them and can them. Time. Solving tomorrow, today. [Heavy metal music] [Bleep] [Zombie noises] [Tapping on window] – I’m so aggravated,
and over with all this. I wouldn’t respond
how I felt. Lick my left nipple. Every time they asked
me a question. Lick my left nipple. – What is your name? – Huh? Uh… Left. My last name is nipple. And my middle name is Lick. – Hmm. – Are you being honest? – Why would I lie to you? You seem like a nice person. Well, I mean my teammates
have been pretty nice, but you guys, I don’t know about you guys. – What, oh, oh, oh. The evaluation will go
much faster if you participate. What is your name? – Rahat. – What is your username? – Magic of Rahat. – Rahat, do you need
anything right now. – A way out. – Rahat, we’re going to do some
word association. Please say the first word
that comes to mind after I say a word. TK-422. – Solving tomorrow’s
problems today. – Love. – I don’t know. I don’t even know what love is. – What is your favorite
superhuman power? – Mind control. Time. Solving tomorrow today. – I can’t see your face. – What is your name? – Raya. – Why did you create
a YouTube channel? – I was bored. – Do you deserve your audience? – I like to think so. I’m sure some would
not agree with that. – Can you make a sound
of how you feel right now? – Okay, ready? [Groans] Very zombie-esque. – Do you think you will make it
out of this alive? – Absolutely not. – Which fellow test subject are
you glad has made it this far? – Tre, because he deserves it. He’s amazing. Have you talked to him? – Yo, Tre? Tre! Yo, did they get you too? Of course they got
you, I’m stupid. No, leave me in here with Tre. Alright. Yo, Tre, Tre – Brandon is losing his… rad-ass mind. and I… I’m quiet. And I’m done fighting. – Where’s Raya? – I don’t know. Is she with Rahat? – I don’t know. – Are they both alive? What about Cynthia? -At this point, I’m not sure
what type of game ConOp is trying to play. But I figure the best way
for me to play it is better, that is by shutting the hell up. And I’m tired. Physically
tired, mentally tired. I’m tired. – Yo. Get away from him. – Get off me! Relax, relax, relax. [music] [Reel sounds] [Wind chimes] [Jingle]

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