The Cybercrime Megatrend of 2018 | What the Cyber?

Hi, I’m Sean Sullivan, Security
Advisor at F-Secure Labs and I’m here to discuss what has been termed by some as crypto mining or cryptojacking. If you’re familiar with this at all, it’s probably because of the press reports in the last month or so regarding web pages being used to mine digital currencies. Which initially started off by one company called Coinhive as alternative means of paying for a
website. So instead of ads, which does take up bandwidth and does take up processing power to load up all the tracking modules sometimes, replaced that with something that instead just mines for a cryptocurrency designed for CPUs. Bitcoin is not one of these things. Bitcoin has long since become too difficult for the average CPU to deal with. But there are hundreds of other alternative coins out there and many of them have been
specifically designed for CPUs. So that’s cryptojacking and it’s
something that was meant to be an alternative way of funding an
advertising model, but it’s too easily abused and many people have been hacking websites and injecting their wallet codes into these things and using Coinhive technology to make funds. That’s what’s been in the news a lot. Now if you’ve been paying closer attention to the security news websites you’ll see stories that show what we believe is going to be an emerging trend that we’ll see more and more of in 2018, which is cryptominers being dropped by malware, by trojans. So this is stuff that is going to want to live on your your your endpoints, perhaps on your servers and mine stealthily. So instead of overt extortion, crypto-ransomware, you’re instead now going to start seeing in 2018 stealthy, quiet, persistent miners eating up your resources. We’re going from a period of time when you’ll know that you’ve been infected, because you’re being extorted, to “I need to start paying attention to the power bill”, “I need to start paying attention to the outbound traffic to see if I’ve got stealthware in my network.” This is what you need to defend yourself against in 2018. Don’t just cyber,
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