The Degenerates Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Not now, Dad! Oh, my God. Buckle up, white bitch, I’m about
to take you on a negro field trip. I can’t stand it
when you cum in my mouth, and then you stop watching my
Instagram story the next day. Why’d you drop off? There are people
who believe the earth is flat. The documentary
is called Assholes. Eight weeks after we had the baby, my wife was like,
“We should have sex.” I saw a head come out of there
eight weeks ago, and I’m never gonna forget it! People forget though,
it used to be socially acceptable to just hit your wife
back in the day. People forget that, but it’s like, why do you think
there were so many great boxers in the 60s and 70s? I’m a big music fan, man. You like music, sir?
What’s your favorite music? Hip Hop? You lyin’ like a mothafucker. He said that shit like a hostage. “Hip Hop.” He walked me over to the bed,
he don’t say shit. He just unzip his pants
and take out his white dick. And I had never seen
a white dick before, y’all. And white dicks look like
a uncooked chicken leg to me.


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