The Norton Museum | Gilbane Building Company

The Norton Museum was founded in 1941, and
at the outset, it related to the ocean. But over time, things have changed. Additions have taken place. Our intention has been to rediscover its essence. And originally, the east-west access was really
important, with the courtyard in the heart of the building. The opportunity of rethinking it, questioning
the entrance on the south side, which compromises the landscape. So through this process, working closely with
everybody at the museum, we’ve reinterpreted the original master plan, related the entrance
and the public facilities for the community on South Dixie Highway. That’s allowed us to then grow the museum,
in a garden setting, to be able to build on the tradition of the landscape and the vegetation
of Florida. So in that sense, it’s a green museum, in
sustainability terms, but it is also literally the green museum.

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