The true cost of a security breach

Transcript | The true cost of a security breach>>Introduction: Thank you for watching Kaspersky Lab’s video on the true cost of a security breach>>Text: The true cost of a security breach >>Text: Kaspersky Lab Global IT Risks Survey 2014>>Voice: Do you know how much a security breach could cost you?
>>Voice: Just ask any company that has experienced one!
>>Voice: Kaspersky did exactly that in its latest Global IT Risks Survey and the respondents
were very clear on the impact it had on their business!
>>Text:Global IT Risks Survey>>Voice: 55% found it very difficult to function
as they had before.>>Text: 55% Difficult to function
>>Voice: 54% said it had a negative impact on their reputation and reduced their perceived
reliability.>>Text: 54% Negative impact on reputation
>>Text: 54% Reduced reliability>>Voice: 87% were unable to resolve the problem
alone, and had to call in professional services including IT security consultants, lawyers,
auditors and risk management consultancies.>>Text: 87% Unable to resolve problem alone
>>Voice: And 47% of these companies said this added significant costs.
>>Text: 47% Added significant costs>>Voice: But the aftermath is where the number
really starts to add up.>>Voice: A typical small and medium sized
businesses could spend up to $22,000 on additional staffing, training and systems.
>>Text: $22,000 SMBs additional costs>>Voice: And enterprises could spend an additional
$169,000!>>Text: $169,000 Enterprises additional costs
>>Voice: And although companies have become better at protecting themselves the average
cost of downtime between 2013 and 2014 was $57,000 for small and medium sized businesses
and $1.6million for enterprises.>>Text: 2013
>>Text: 2014>>Text: $57,000
>>Text: $1.6million>>Voice: But more worryingly about 1 in 3
weren’t able to trade after a data breach.>>Text: After Data Breach
>>Voice: So, if it happened to you would your business recover?
>>Text: ????????>>Voice: Make sure you never have to find
out.>>Text: Make sure you never have to find out
>>Voice: Invest in multi-layered protection including systems management, patch management
and control tools.>>Text: Multi-layered Protection
>>Voice: Manage one unified security system.>>Text: Manage One Unified Security System
>>Voice: Including mobile as part of your big plan.
>>Text: Include Mobile>>Voice: Never give up on user education.
>>Text: User education>>Voice: And finally don’t think that an
attack won’t happen to you.>>Text: Don’t think that an attack won’t
happen to you>>Text: Register at
>>Text: Join the conversation #securebiz


  • Now in its 4th year the Global IT Risks Survey collects insights from IT professionals around the world and the results are analysed by Kaspersky’s expert threat intelligence and research teams. In this video we highlight some of the key findings on the true cost of a #security breach including the additional costs that organisations often overlook. The true cost of a security breach


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