Three great, easy ways to transfer files within Windows 10

do you remember the days where use these
or even these to transfer files between Windows PCs what were we savages now
there’s a better way three ways in fact to transfer files quickly simply and
wirelessly between Windows PCs there’s three ways of sharing files and three
different scenarios the first is cloud clipboard for two pcs
that you already own the second is near share for two pcs in proximity to one
another one of which you own and the third is traditional onedrive sharing
for sharing large files as far away as halfway across the world everyone knows
how to cut and paste across documents control X control C and then control V
and you’re done but what if you could cut and paste across pcs
that’s what clipboard or sometimes called cloud clipboard allows you to do
now clipboard isn’t quite here yet it’s going to be part of the fall 2018 update
to Windows 10 but we can look at it in a preview mode in the Windows 10 Pro
insider preview and to do so all we need to do is go into the settings type in
clipboard and then make sure that this particular setting sync across devices
is turned on you also want to make sure that this is highlighted as well
automatically sync text that I copy once that’s done cutting and pasting is
as easy as going into a text document highlighting a block of text hit ctrl C
go into the document on the other PC and hit control V and that’s it the problem
with cloud clipboard is it only allows you to share a few megabytes at a time
if you want to share a webpage or a larger file you need what’s called near
share or nearby sharing now nearby sharing is also great for the fact that
you can go ahead and share with strangers who are sitting in close
physical proximity now to do so you’ll need to do a couple of things obviously
you’ll need to go into the settings once again and to make sure that nearby
sharing is turned on now one of the things that nearby sharing also requires
is requires that you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on that’s the transport
mechanism it’s you use the transport files now once you’ve done
that you can go ahead and transfer files from one PC the next now this PC right
here is actually logged in under a generic Lenovo account whereas the other
PC is actually logged in under my name so if I go into PC world’s web page and
I want to say hey look I want you to know about our roundup of the best
graphics cards for PC gaming well with an edge there’s this lovely share button
up to there upper right hand corner you can go ahead and click it and it’ll go
ahead and look for nearby devices it’s found the surface laptop sitting nearby
so I’ll go ahead and click it and what it’s doing is its initiating a Transfer
Protocol we’re on one PC it sends it over and the other it opens it so in
just a few seconds this other PC will have an opportunity to go ahead and find
out the best graphics cards for PC gaming so what if we have a file it’s a
few hundred megabytes or even a few gigabytes in size sure we could burn a
DVD or even send a hard drive across country but that’s not really practical
when we have a better solution and that’s Microsoft’s onedrive now if you
have a Windows 10 PC and especially a subscription to office 365 you already
have a number of gigabytes in fact you have a terabyte of data available to you
in the cloud and on your PC you have access to it now the best way to go
ahead and set it up is to go ahead and go to the taskbar this onedrive icon go
to the more ellipses menu go into settings and then configure onedrive to
backup your available files on your documents in your Documents folder and
your photos folder and possibly in your desktop as well and if you do so over
time you’ll accumulate a list of files and folders like we see over here now
the little cloud icons next to the folders show me that those files reside
in the cloud and not on my PC and that’s a good thing actually we don’t want that
all of that terabyte actually clogging up our hard drive so what happens though
if we have a file that we’ve already uploaded the cloud that we need to
school head and send us somebody in this case I have a file that’s 850 megabytes
of raw video that I need to go ahead and send to an editor to turn into a story
so I can go ahead and again to try to burn a DVD and send it overnight but
that’s not gonna matter that’s not gonna make sense in terms of my deadline so
what I want to do is when I hit go ahead and use the cloud to send this
file as quickly as possible the easiest way to do that is to simply right-click
it and that brings up a menu and I can go ahead and share a onedrive link and
as you can see from the notification and now have a link in my clipboard that I
can send to my editor they can go ahead and download the file and go ahead and
edit it as they so choose well that concludes the way in which we
go ahead and share files wirelessly within windows I hope you’ve enjoyed
this video and I hope you tune in to PC world for more


  • What does a Capture card do? Can the Speed of RENDERING Videos on Adobe become faster? If so, which is the Capture Card I Should be looking for?

  • and here i am using mapped drives ……..and allow sharing on my network so friends etc can just access my warez . THis looks interesting and i most certainly will try this , but i will not use OneDrive . Every day im doing support and have to tell ppl to turn that off so certain games work properly , not sure why and what causes the issues with OneDrive but its a daily thing .

  • Windows file cancer.

  • Will the near share feature be on as default or not ?
    Is there an accept or reject function to it like Bluetooth share to avoid getting UN necessary hacks to windows

  • I have several computers connected over Wi-Fi and Ethernet with network shares, and I share several files every day. In fact, I use one computer as a backup for another. If I want to share a clipboard, I use Ditto. These new "features" offer nothing for me.

  • I cannot believe in 2018 that US Business's are running this Unstable Trash OS, No wonder we are loosing Jobs. Keep going MS$ and everyone will be using LINUX, UNIX and Chrome. So much for Foreign Programmers and the BIG COST Savings and firing all their QC Staff. Let's have a Fire Sale Now.

  • No thanks. I don't want Microsoft to forever keep a copy of everything that I copy and paste

  • The third involves uploading the data to the internet, which is just silly. Here's some alternatives:
    If the other computer is in the local network :
    * You could create a network share and access the share from the other computer
    * You could set up a ftp server on your pc (filezilla ftp server takes only minutes to install and configure) and you can use a ftp client or your web browser to access the ftp client on the other computer (and you get resume, multiple transfers at same time which helps if you need to transfer tens of gigabytes of small files)

    To transfer over the internet, you could create a torrent with your files using an open tracker (programs like qBitTorrent have them pre-filled in the Torrent Creator tool) and email the torrent to the other PC

    FTP server also works, but you'd need to have the knowledge to do port forwarding in your router so that requests from outside the network are directed to your pc.

    There's also basic http servers, like Fenix Web Server for example. Start it up as you need to share a file, put the file on the web server and send the other guy the link. Again, you just need to do port forwarding in your router so that requests from outside the network reach your computer.

  • Title: TRANSFER FILES. Video: I don't care. How does your channel even deserve the name PCWorld.

  • none of those are good for transferring files… even if you have fast internet.

  • Nice but not useful for me. I need a way to share my files on my desktop to a friend by giving him access to a folder. I tried using FTPs but that requires port forwarding and permissions and other crap. Any way to simply share a folder and give them a link to directly access that folder without any cloud storage bullshit?

  • This video is full of BS!!!
    Only an idiot will send his SENSITIVE DATA to CLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, you say that "Cloud Clipboard" is not here yet as it is going to be a part of the Fall Creators Update. Have you checked what the date of this video is? I see Dec. 27th 2018. We are kinda past the fall months if I might say so.

  • Mark you are a nice fella but when I saw this video i had to be critical… For God's sake use the open source Syncthing for file sharing, syncing etc. Why don't you review it?

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