Top 10 Best mini PC 2019 – Windows PCs

A computer doesn’t have to be big to be
powerful if you need space at your desk or simply want to make a media server
for your entertainment center there is always a mini PC waiting for you these
are 10 of the best mini pcs you can buy this year shuttle X PC slim the shuttle
is a compact and vessel mountable mini computer with the NVIDIA GTX 1050 with 4
HDMI video out connectors to support quad displays the X PC slim is available
as a barebone unit with three year warranty the zotac ZBOX magna ck7 is a
mini PC that works on a real Jeff horse GT x 1080 graphic a compact and powerful
mini PC is a bit expensive that have does it in class is available as a
barebone already configured the Intel nook Hades Canyon is a mini
desktop computer with the intel core i7 and the AMD Vega graphics avi are ready
compact mini PC with great connectivity for its size excellent overall
performance and dual in two slots on a vessel mountable chassis the Azal access 3 is a fanless mini pc
stick a Windows PC that fits into your pocket
it offers duo connectivity options with both Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port convert
any HDMI monitor to a fully functional computer the access 3 encourages users
to create their work or play space Dell Optiplex micro desktop it’s small
affordable and capable numerous supported options for mounting this mini
PC a superb choice for a home office or small businesses reclaim your desk space
today with this tiny PC the Lenovo ThinkCentre is a mini PC that
starts at $400 it has a wide range of configurable options is an Intel Core i5
processor 8 gigs of memory and 256 gigabytes of storage in a solid-state
drive with six USB ports and two DisplayPort connections it’s hard to
find something like an ultrabook or a business laptop at this price tag and
you can always upgrade the storage and memory the byte 3 years of flexible
Windows 10 mini PC for $200 capable to play 4k videos has 5 USB and HDMI 2.0
ports and the infrared remote control is the best but you can’t upgrade memory with the compact and modular design the
HP a leat slice offers all sorts of friendly features to match your ideal
system it includes a DVD CD drive that also serves as a security mount point to
set off Bang & Olufsen speakers with a noise canceling feature great choice for
conference rooms or offices the compact size and business friendly features make
off the HP a leat slice one of the best office nene PC today the new Intel popular nook mini PC
supports the latest generation core processors with the new gunmetal gray
design customizable in a wide range of processors and a variety of configurable
features whether you go small or big you can build your smart home server to
enjoy media with the last Intel processors with multiple configuration
options and play games with a triple 4k displays with connection to an external
graphic card via Thunderbolt 3 port the HP z 2 mini g4 is an ultra many
computer with workstation level components and is v certified graphics
with an intel core i7 32 gigs of ram and the nvidia quadro m 620 graphics the z2
many delivers workloads that other mini pcs can’t handle is certified to work
with software programs such autodesk of it Siemens SolidWorks and Vectorworks and these are the best mini pcs you can
buy today thanks for watching I see you in next videos Cheers


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