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Hello everyone, and once again welcome to
our channel, “The Teacher”. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about top 10 useful mouse
tricks for windows users which can help you to boost your productivity and speed up the
daily computer tasks. So, let’s get started. 1. You might always be selecting the text
by holding the left mouse click and dragging over to the entire text. You no longer need
to do this, instead you can quickly select various paragraphs by first pointing the cursor
in the beginning and then hold down the Shift key and then click the left mouse button to
the location up to which you want to select the text. That’s it. This trick is really
helpful when your mouse doesn’t drag well or when you need to select text to a specific
character. 2. The second trick is selecting multiple
pieces of text and to do this, select the first part of the text and then hold down
the Control Key and drag over to other part of the text that you want to select and you
can continue to select more parts of the text by continuous holding the Control key and
dragging over to further text. This trick can be very helpful when you need to apply
certain commands on multiple text pieces. 3. Our next trick again is about selecting
text but this time vertically and this trick is one my favorite, especially while using
Microsoft Word. I often need to type documents, where heading comes on the left side of the
document and their detail explanation on the right side and I often need to apply formatting
on the left side text alone. If I try to select left side text alone by dragging through mouse,
then the right side text also gets selected. So, what you can do to avoid selecting the
entire text and select the text vertically, is to hold down the ALT key and then drag
over the text and you can notice that this time, text is being selected in square shape
instead of line by line. Now, you can drag your mouse vertically while holding the ALT
key to select the left hand side text alone. 4. To select a particular word alone you can
double-click on that specific word and to select an entire paragraph you can triple
click over the text. Do note, after double-clicking to select a word, if you again continue to
select text by dragging your mouse, then Word will automatically start selecting one word
in a time. 5. In various applications, you can quickly
zoom in or zoom out the page, by holding down the Control key and then scroll the mouse
wheel. Just hold down the Control Key and scroll up through mouse wheel to zoom in and
scroll down to zoom out. 6. You can quickly maximize or restore a window
by double-clicking over the title bar and to close various applications you can double-click
on application logo on the top left side corner of the window.
7. If you surf internet all day a long and open various links and tabs in a time, then
the next time whenever you need to open a link in another tab, then just hold down the
Control Key while clicking on web-link. You can also use wheel button to open the link
in separate tab. Just click on the link by pressing the scroll wheel button over the
link and to quickly close a tab window, you can again use the wheel button to close that
particular tab. 8. In various applications like Microsoft
Word and Excel, you can click the Wheel button to do an auto scroll in almost all the directions.
Very useful in Microsoft Word and Excel an even in many web browsers.
9. You can extend the context menu to bring more command when you right-click on a file
or folder. Just hold down the Shift Key while right-clicking on an item and there you have
more options in the context menu. 10. And on number 10 we have, moving the mouse
pointer through the keyboard. Imagine you were doing an important work on your computer
and the mouse suddenly stop responding. At that time, you can turn on another great feature
of Windows, which is Mouse Key. Just hold down the Left Shift+Left Alt key and then
press the Num Lock key. A dialog box will appear asking you, if you want to turn on
the Mouse Key. Just don’t press the Yes button instead click on “Go to the Ease
of Access Center to disable the keyboard shortcut” link by using the Tab key and then hit Space
Bar key. Here, make a check mark on Turn on Mouse Keys using the space bar and then move
forward by pressing the Tab key and make sure to increase the Pointer Speed and Acceleration
by using the arrow keys. Once done, hit the OK button and now you can move your mouse
pointer using the Arrow Keys from the Numeric Keypad side. To click and select an item,
use the 5 numeric pad button. To double-click and open an item using the 5 key twice.
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