Turing Tumble | Build Mechanical Computers Powered by Marbles

Introducing Turing Tumble, a completely new
type of game where kids build mechanical computers, powered by marbles, to solve logic puzzles. Use ramps, crossovers, bits, interceptors,
gears, and gear bits to build mechanical computers that can generate patterns, do logic, add,
subtract, multiply, divide, and more. As a computer, its capabilities are limited
only by the size of the board. In the puzzle book, players become Alia, a
deep space engineer who crash lands on a forgotten planet and must solve a series of 60 puzzles
to escape. The puzzles lead the player through a series
of discoveries while they build critical thinking and raw coding skill. Kids learn best when they can use their senses
to explore new concepts. Turing Tumble lets kids see and feel how computers
work. And adults, this game is not just for kids. Even if you’re an expert programmer, we guarantee
you’ll find the latter puzzles a formidable challenge. Order your own copy of Turing Tumble and discover
how simple switches, connected together in clever ways, can do incredibly smart things.


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