Unboxing og test av HP Elitedisplay s14 💥

But what is this? A new laptop. Tablet? No, it’s not either.. This is something brand new from HP that promises to give you a better base to be more productive. Much greater overview of all the programs and a simpler workday for us who uses a laptop. And for all of us who might take the trip out of the office with our laptop’s. Have you guessed what it is? Keep watching. Hi Alexander here from AGS In this unboxing, we’ll look more closely at HP Elitedisplay s14 HP’s very first portable full-HD display. This is a portable 2 screen solution for those who need two-screen productivity wherever you work. A two-screen solution that you can easily take with you on the go wherever you go. In the box you will find a screen cover A USB-C cable for connecting the monitor to a laptop. A simple instruction manual And finally the screen itself. There are few inputs and buttons on the unit. Here on the side you’ll find the On/Off switch A row of buttons that you will se more of later in the video. And finally a USB-C input for power and image. The display is a 14 inch full-HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080, in a 16: 9 format and with a fast response time of 5 ms. HP Elite Display s14 weighs only 1 kg and is less than 9 mm thick. So it’s easy to carry it around with the laptop without the weight becoming a problem. But more about this a little later in the video. The screen comes with a good protective cover that also functions as a stand So you can place it next to your laptop. The screen protector “clicks” magically in place using magnets as you may recognize from the Apple iPad covers.. The cover is instantly set up in the “standt” mode so you can easily and quickly get started with the work. HP elite display s14 does not need any power cable only USB-C. All you need to connect it is to connect the monitor to your PC with the supplied USB-C cable. The On the button you will find here on the side. When the screen is on, your PC will activate the screen as screen # 2, as you normally would from other two-screen solutions. The monitor is powered by the machine so you don’t have to spend time finding it an additional power supply On the bottom of the screen is a button row that allows you to activate a options menu where you can set the Brightness Color Management, Contrast and Language settings. Some may think the buttons are a little difficult to reach on the underside, and maybe it would have been easier to use them if they were placed on the side or top of the screen. As I mentioned earlier, the screen is convenient to take with you on the journey, customer visits or consulting assignments. The display with the cover is easy to pack and put into the PC bag with your laptop. As you can see, it takes up little space with the PC in your bag. Just remember to bring the USB-C cable along before leaving the meeting. So is this solution for? I think this is a really smart solution for anyone working on the go. Are you working “off-site” as a consultant on project, accounting or development You’ll have a perfectly portable 2 screen solution that is easy to take with you, and that’s easy to hook up and down. The screen is also great for those who work on sales who like to want to showcase at meetings for individuals and or small groups. If you travel a lot at work, HP Elitedisplay s14 is both a light and productiv mate to take with you on the trip. Have you been the victim of the management’s free seating / share desk concept at work You now have the option of having a full 2 screen solution when you arrive at the office desk. What do you think? Is HP EliteDisplay S14 for you? That was all we had today. Thank you for watching. Want to see more tips and unboxing from us. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel. See you in another video.

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