Unihoc RE7 vs GLNT | Recension av innebandyklubborna

Hello everybody! What a wonderful day! It fits perfectly for a review on the Unihoc RE7 against the Unihoc GLNT. That is Enströms stick and Galantes stick. Here we go! It is two different sticks that the guys plays with. Enström plays with a super top light. That is 95% carbon and 5% glass fiber. While Galante plays with a top light 2 shaft which is 80 % carbon and 20 % glass fiber And that makes together with the different blades That the differnece in weight is Enströms stick wheights 228 grams with a 100 cm shaft Glanates stick wheights 230 grams with a 100 cm shaft So there’s no dramtic differences between the sticks I thought the diffrence would be a bit bigger. It probalby the blades that make it more even Both sticks comes with a junior model And i’m deciding to weigh the 87 cm sticks Galantes stick with 5% carbon an 95% glass fiber 237 grams with a 87cm shaft Enströms stick with 40% carbon and 60% glass fiber 228 grams there Speed shooting. I’m thinking about shooting 3 slapshops with everything I got 3 draging shots with everything I got So you can see whats the results will be like for every stick Another good thing to know about is that Enström got 27 flex and Galante got 26 flex. I don’t know how much it effects the results but it it what it is Enström got a player plus PE blade And Galante got a epic PE blade So now you know that too Okay lads, lets go! I’m standing 14 steps away from the speedometer I starting with 3 drag shots with Galants stick Now dragshots with Enströms stick Slapshots with Galntes stick Slapshots with Enströms stick It felt like I that I maybe shot a bit harder with Enströms stick I don’t remember exactly I think 159 was the hardest shot with Enströms stick Shame that i didn’t come over 160 However i’m moving the speedometer so I can shoot a bit in the top corner So you can see the both sticks accuracy and so I can see how the sticks feels like Hit map GLNT Hit map RE7 I think both Galante and Enström made good choices when it comes choice of sticks actually It’s pretty clear that when I’m trying to shoot with the drag shots That Galantes stick is easier to aim wtih and also a lot easier to shot hard with the epic blade rather than the Player Plus blade I didn’t think it would be such a difference I probably thought that I would like the Player plus blade more but I didn’t do that You could see on the speedometer that I shot moch harder with the epic blade rahter than the player plus The feeling was also that the epic Blade was easier to aim with Which people should boy theese sticks? I think that playmakers should buy the RE7 stick and goalscorers should buy the GLNT stick If you checked the wheights of the sticks you could see that the GLNT was a bit heavier But when you play with them I feel like the GLNT is lighter I think this because the GLNT got a lower center of gravity than the RE7 If you like light sticks, take the heavier A bit contradictory but i’m experiencing that the GLNT is much lighter than the RE7 That was everything for today If you like theese kind of reveiws you should leave a like or a comment down below Bye, bye, have a nice time!


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