Using a password manager app for strong unique passwords

You know how important it is to use strong passwords to protect your online financial and sensitive accounts. It is also essential to use a different password for each of your accounts, so that if one account is hacked a thief does not have access to your other accounts That can quickly add up to a lot of passwords How do you safely store all of those passwords where you can easily access and use them? A password manager can help You can think of a password manager as a vault that safely stores all of your passwords You only have to remember the password to the vault, the master password, in order to open the vault and access your passwords Your password manager will also sync your information between your desktop, smartphone, and tablet so that you have them wherever you are You will never have to worry about losing or forgetting a password again Password managers do more than safely store passwords They make it easy to sign into websites They can create strong passwords for you and alerts you when your passwords are weak or need to be changed They can save other personal information as well as things like addresses and credit card information How do you get started with a password manager? Choose one that works with your devices and has the features you want Most password managers offer some level of free account and add features for a small price Once you’ve decided, add the apps extension to your favorite browser and download the app to your mobile device As you sign into your online accounts, your password manager will remember and save your username and password automatically The next time you visit the website your password manager will recognize it and fill out your username and password for you That makes having strong, unique passwords a breeze Remember weak passwords and reusing passwords puts you at risk of becoming a cyber crime victim Password managers can take the hassle out of using strong unique passwords making you safer online Thanks for watching

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