VA Hearing Loss Compensation & Service Connection | What You NEED To Know!


  • Doctor Cliff, AuD

    Still have questions about VA Hearing Loss Compensation? Let me know!

  • Jarold Williams

    What percentage disability is needed for compensation? I was rated at 10% when I was discharged, but never got compensation. Since then, my hearing has gotten worse (and I got hearing aids from the VA a couple of weeks ago).

  • I'm pretty sure you have to be deaf to get compensation. If its not in your service record, ain't gonna happen. The VA is not your friend. Good luck.


  • I don't believe I have hearing "loss" I have issues with things sounding really loud and it rattles around in my head to the point I'm squinting my eyes and wanting to cover my ears. It's not loud noise it can be just people talking but its not constantly. Are they able to test for this issue? Is it even worth telling them about it i.e. can something be done about it?


  • I recently went through the hearing evaluation. I had the Maryland Test done, My audiologist did go over the result from the exam and she told me I have significant hearing loss about 80% loss in my left ear and 25% in my right However I was awarded 10% how is that possible?

  • Dr. Cliff: This is an excellent video! I really appreciate your taking the time to help us navigate and understand the VA disability process – and thanks for speaking so clearly – you know your audience!

  • Dr. I am in the process of appeal and my question is the va rating increased to the next Roman numeral on the rating chart when exceptional levels occur. Mine are over 55 at all frequencies. 38 4.86 is vague. It only states to increase to the next level on part b.

  • Would be great to see you put together a video explanation on how to use the 38 CFR regulation tables and the audiogram results along with the Speech Discrimination scores and determine if you are rated correctly. It is probably the biggest questions we see daily from our disabled vets group of 60k+ vets. After many years of fighting an increase request denial with 6 Maryland CNC tests performed out of pocket I realized how tough they can be on hearing loss ratings. I have found it quite easy to translate after much study but feel a detailed , step by step video would be much better. Thanks for another great video.

  • letscallthehogs1

    Dr. Cliff,
    I was tested for Tinnitus, but was told I do not have. I asked the audiologist did she hear the ringing in my ears, she said no. I then asked her how she could determine I didn't have tinnitus. I received no answer. I worked around aircraft for 27 years. The VA is not your friend

  • I might add that a veteran should not waste time or money on an outside test unless it is the Maryland CNC test.

  • I have some hearing loss now. Don't know how I can prove it was service connected. Was exposed to loud noise during service and after.

  • I have questions still. I’m a DAV with 10% for tinnitus now under review for hl (both are rated as service connected but HL was at 0) and I’ve been diagnosed with vestibular neuronitis with possible Meniere’s. I have a fitting tomorrow for my hearing aid due to bilateral loss. I’ve been fighting them for years. My job was Navy in a Helicopter Squadron

  • Tenittus is 10% period… bilateral I was denied …USMC MACHINE GUNNER 5yrs …gee I wonder why….still fighting VA
    They rated me zero for bilateral and gave me hearing aids.. the hearing aids suck. I hear every noise but voices…

  • What About Hearing Voices Which I Think is Coming From My Spirit Guides. Would I Be Compensated? What if I Go To C&P And I Would Tell Them I See Repeated Angel Numbers As Part Of My Hallucinations. Would They Grant Me A Higher Rating. My Doctor Dismissed Angel Numbers Cuz SHE Couldn’t Find it Under Her DSM Manual Book. I Wanted To Become An Assasin But The Universe Has A Purpose For Me To Become A Healer or An Herbalist. But I’m Taking Medications For An Eternity. What Would I Say if Go To C&P Exam. I Ask My Archangels For Guidance With My Anger Problem Rather Than Taking Another Prescription As An Alternative So Far There are NO Side Effects. What Would Be Most Helpful Doctor Cliff?

  • Dr.Cliff.
    Sir, I'm starting to lose my ability to understand words. The VA filed for me. I saw a Doctor and I felt like she got mad at me, while I was doing the exam her talked to me through the head set and it was loud. I was telling her that she was loud and she came and readjusted my headset and said don't take it off. From then on i felt a different attitude from her, my question is, can a person have get bad hearing over time from my old military days of working around jet engines? I can't find anything written that says that old wounds to the ears can get better, then get worse at an older age. Thank you.

  • As an audiologist, I just wanted to say: PLEASE do not fake or exaggerate a hearing loss. We can tell that your exaggerating immediately. This is what we do for a living; we do it all day, every day. If you have a bit of a hearing loss but try to exaggerate it, the audiologist will know that the results are not valid and will not count you having a hearing loss at all! You will get more benefit from a mild hearing loss than from a fake hearing loss, in which you won’t get anything. Be honest to get the most benefit.

  • Well I received my 10% VA rating for tinnitus back in 2017 and its primarily based on your MOS. I am artillery so it was pretty straightforward. There is a document that does the service connection for you.

  • I was infantry 11B, specifically MG for my squad.  I get a couple episodes of tinnitus per day.  Wife says I need hearing aids because I can't hear conversations with ANY background noise.  I know it's hard to get a service connection, but I'm going to give it a shot.

  • Michael Spaargaren

    Will I need to bring my hearing aids to the C and P exam? I live out of the country and left them at a relatives home and won't have them for the exam. Should I reschedule?

  • I have hearing loss because of working in the dental field.  Do You have any info regarding dental hearing loss?

  • Ninah Miranda

    My audiologist told me I have high frequency hearing loss.. what is the percentage on that one?

  • I just had mine done Last month and I was told Yes i do have Hearing Loss in both Ears and Left ear is Worse then Right the person doing it told me she will send that report to The VBA with those results

  • What should you do if you lose hearing because surgery recommended by VA?

  • I was recently awarded 20% disability for bilateral hearing loss, combined with 10% for tinnitus, I now receive 30% total disability. The tests are performed in "sound proof" booths, with out the "real world" type of distracting background noise. The 20% just seemed too low for me. Can I appeal and ask for a higher award for the bilateral hearing loss based on; my inability to clearly understand "words", "letters", or effectively interact in social settings, meetings, etc.? Although, I hear a noise, I cannot understand the words or what people are saying. For example; you say "B" (Bee), I might hear "C" (See) or "D" (Dee) or "E" or "G" or "P" or "T" or "Z", etc. I totally miss the questions or answers at meetings and cannot understand the sermon at church. People laugh, but have missed the joke or punch line, I have no idea what they are laughing at, I just laugh to play along.

  • Are there any secondary disabilities associated with hearing loss, such as depression or feelings of loneliness by being "left out" of conversations? I have been rated at 20% for bilateral hearing loss plus 10% for tinnitus.

  • Marcelino Rodriguez

    Marcelino Rodriguez: Where can I find in the state of Florida an Audiologist that will administer the Maryland CNC Test?

  • Craigslist Sales

    HI if you have an episode of tinnitus with and get a little disey does this mean that you have menears. Disease

  • Craigslist Sales

    Dr Cliff I was in the USCG on a buoy tender. I worked around heavy hydraulic equipment outboard motors diesel engines pneumatic power tools without hearing protection I have moderate tinnitus and going to be tested for hearing loss and tinnitus by both a private audiologist and the c&p. I have a very difficult time hearing conversation going back to 1988 always asking people to repeat themselves etc. if I am in a meeting I have to sit with my right ear towards the speaker or I won't hear everything I favor my right ear
    a lot. I am afraid the VA is going to deny me due to being out of the service to long and old age (52)

  • The Man With No Name

    What you say speak louder

  • I have a 0 rating from the VA. Doing a quicksin test will it help with a better rating?

  • I was a 63H10L8 in the Army, I have received a 0% service connected disability rating for bilateral hearing loss. I filed a claim in 2014 and had it denied, appealed it and got 0% service connected disability. I filed for increase in rating and got denied. Is there anything else I can do or am I wasting my time?

  • How does the MPIF test work when the initial test is lower than 94%?  Should the provider use the same list for the dB increase and decrease?

  • Not so simple.  I was evaluated many years ago and awarded 10% tinnitus and 10% hearing. I get periodic hearing tests and – to give an example there is the 'say the word rat'  test.  My score varies all over – 20 to 80 % depending on (1) how bad the tinnitus AND (2) if they are using the same words as last time – there seems to be a set they use and I know a lot of them  – and sometimes they don't even do 10 words.

  • I recently started a claim and put several different claims .. most importantly is a claim for a bad dose from Anthrax vaccination.
    Do you have any info on this claim??

  • Hi Doctor. My VA tinnitus claim was NOT service connected. I was a Marine who worked with helicopters on the flight line. She asked if I wore hearing protecting and I said, “yes when I had it, I wore it.” I filed 20 years after I got out of military. Any thoughts why it was denied?! Thx man.🇺🇸

  • Dr. Cliff, I have a 10 per cent rating for Tinnitus and a 0 per cent rating for a service Connected left ear hearing Loss. Could this left ear hearing contribute
    to balance disorder. I find myself losing my balance at times. I plan to file for an increase for my left ear because it is service related. I want to know is I should include balance disorder.

  • Hmmm…I've been diagnosed as bilateral hearing loss, with tinnitus, and yet was given a 0%! I'm going in on Dec 2 for audiology exam for miniers disease….

  • Brandon Black, the claim I filed for the Anthrax shot hasn’t returned any info as of yet from the VA. The VA wanted more info so I provided my shot record that clearly shows when and where I received my Anthrax vaccinations. My opinion is the VA is still checking into the validity of the issue. The only way I found out about it was from an email that was generated within a selected few people. The way I was able to get that email was from someone who knows someone that knows someone

  • Hell, I was an 11B and was deny from the VA for Tinnitus.

  • Be very careful my Grandfather lost his medicare part A&B because he got his VA pension study your benefits very carefully

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