Washington, D.C. Simulates Election Hacking

We’re here on an Election Day actually running
a simulation of an election day, where a local, domestic, disruptive group is looking to undermine
the validity of elections. The goal isn’t just to be vandals or to do
damage, it’s in fact to lose faith in the system and create long term political scandal. We simulate that. So there’s a Red Team made up of some pretty
cool people who are looking to have fun and cause mayhem and then there’s blue team, also
cool people but in a different way. They’re looking to see how would law enforcement
really deal with something like this? We’ve seen that elections are targets and
it’s important for the electorate to know that the government and private sector is
working to secure elections so that they can feel confident that when they vote, that results
are exactly what they’re supposed to be. There’s a lot of focus on how do we make sure
that the systems in question, the actual voting polls are reliable, but the act of voting
is much more than just the systems. There’s more potential risk to our national
elections here in the United States than just the voting roles and the voting machines. When people start being manipulated, either
from a perception or even physical manipulation, traffic lights, public transportation, free
elections are getting impacted and if targeted well, this could swing an election from one
side to the other. We live in a world now where telling where
the digital ends and the physical begins or vice versa is almost impossible, which means
things that we’ve taken for granted in our democracies, in our republics, are now potentially
under threat from new sources we’ve never though of before. It’s important to do these exercises so that
the people on the sharp end responsible for our safety know what they can and can’t do
and when to call for help.

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