What is an AV Source device?

There are a number of key components to an
AV or home entertainment system; but each one starts with the Source.
Today, the HowToAV team are talking Source.
And I’m not talking ketchup or BBQ, but the AV media source variety!
Let’s start with exactly what an AV Source is. The Source of your professional AV or
home entertainment system is simply the player, media storage or media creation device from
which your content originates (whether that be video, audio or both).
So in the very simplest example of an AV system – a DVD player connected to a television – your
DVD player is the Source (and the television might be known as the Display device or Sink).
Therefore, there are a huge range of AV devices which come under the category of Source, many
of which are consumer based or designed for home entertainment systems.
Your Blu-Ray player, DVD player (or dare I even mention VCR anyone?!) are obvious AV
sources, as are digital TV receivers such as the Sky or Tivo box.
The increasing range of media streaming devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon’s
Fire TV all fit within that media player category of AV Source.
Also, consider video recording devices which will usually offer direct playback features,
such as camcorders, digital cameras, tablet devices iPods and smartphones. The mobile
device is now increasingly becoming the streaming device of choice as phones get smarter and
Wifi gets faster. And don’t forget gaming devices such as XBox
and Playstation which, of course, are now becoming multimedia devices offering not only
gaming in HD, but also DVD/BluRay playback and movie streaming for example.
As we look towards more commercial AV systems, consider also laptops and PCs, digital signage
players and even CCTV cameras or door intercom systems, all of which now offer full HD video
and audio and seamlessly integrate with both display and TV systems.
So as you can see, the range and diversity of AV Source devices is ever-increasing; from
the more conventional DVD player to the smart phone in your pocket.
How you’re going to connect them all to your display screen or TV is a whole different
story! but you can rely on the HowToAV.tv team to give you the answer!
Search ‘How to add more HDMI inputs’ in the HowToAV channel for some simple solutions…
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