When Daniel Kaluuya met Oprah – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

Daniel Kaluuya what an amazing year
you’ve had because this time last year You know, this was not going to be the
year that was coming. This is amazing– I was just chilling out and then this film
came out then, this indie… I’m doing this indie horror And then you know it’s been it’s
been life-changing. A lot’s happened. So Oscar nominated for Best Actor but also
the BAFTAs, you’ve got to get something You’re nominated Best
Actor and Rising Star That would be too cruel to give you nothing I mean it happened to Craig David with the Brits… Do you remember when Craig David got nominated for six Brits and then won nothing? He didn’t go away… he had six, so… It’s two, isn’t it. So, following Craig. That’s a good attitude to have. Craig David came back– He came back– It took about took about 20 years but he came back. So that’s the plan, like twenty years later I’ve got to be like, yo, you’ve got to give me something, man. But you’ve had practice now with the big celebrities because obviously with Golden Globes– So who did you meet at the Golden Globes? How long you got, man? It’s just, like, so many– Did you meet these guys at the Golden Globes? No— I met– I met her before at these awards… the Govenors Awards– Govenor’s awards– — and she was really cool when we just spoke about stuff it was really nice. And then, I met– I met– I met— — Oprah! Good story It was– it was really nice! She was a nice person, it was cool. She was nice I couldn’t believe he was English because his accent was so flawless in Get Out And I was, like, oh my god and any time I
meet anyone who’s English I’m just immediately like, I love London I miss
it– I miss it. Aww Yeah– I do Yeah Can we talk about London? Yeah No– I met– I met– This is what happens, yeah– I met Denzel… Oooh I met Denzel and Oprah at the
same time. It was like it was this segue it was just this, like,
I don’t know, like, African-American excellent segue– I don’t know
what happened. It was, like, Denzel came up to me and was, like, talking to me in an English accent. Like ‘Yeah, mate– yeah, cheers, mate’ and I’m like what– what’s happening?
How do you know who I am? And then he went to his wife and he was, like, ‘He thinks I don’t know who he is–‘ And then— and then he goes– — come meet Ophrah! And I was like…. alright… cool? We’re going to meet Oprah… let’s meet O… And then, uh– Yeah I just hugged her. I hugged her so tightly. She felt so good, man. It shouldn’t be a joke, like, she felt good Apparently she smells really– she has an amazing smell She smells amazing, Graham Like, I swear, Ophrah is just premium You must have all met Ophrah– does she smell amazing? I’ve never met Oprah But when I do, I’m going to hug her for sure I met her but didn’t smell her– At the Golden Globes but she was too far away You got to inhale deeply Inhale deeply Following her around… sniffing near Oprah I was wondering why there was suddenly such a nice smell in the room Yeah No she was really cool It was really surreal


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