Why Mechanics Charge So Much to Fix Your Car

One, two , three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the scotty kilmer channel. Today I’m going to show you why modern mechanics
often charge a lot of money to work on your car. Now normally I’m making videos showing how
you can fix your own car. But there are times in complex modern cars
that your probably going to have to hire a mechanic to do some repairs for you. Because some modern car parts are all computer
run and they’re so complex your not going to buy the equipment or have the knowledge
to be able to fix them yourself. As an example, this is already an eight year
old Suburban but it’s rather complex inside and here’s the problem that I’m working on. Now when I hook up this basic scan tool, it
shows that there’s no codes, but that’s not the end of the story, that’s just the beginning. Now I hooked up this bigger, fancier scan
tool and it’s going to do all kinds of tests. It takes a computer to analyze all the other
computer systems, there’s so much data on these cars. And as you can see here, it’s starting to
find faults in systems even though the other little computer didn’t. Now this Suburban is randomly dying sometimes
it restarts sometimes it doesn’t, so it’s got a problem, we have to figure out what
it is. But it takes this complex computer stuff to
figure it out, a lot of times in a modern car. And in this case, one of the seriously codes
is that it lost communication with the body control module, so there’s a computer failure
or a wiring failure in this case. Now as you can see here, there’s all kinds
of different data you can get into and when you do go into the actual data itself. Look at all the raw data that you can analyze
even in one section and there’s scores of different sections. And when you start to realize how complex
these modern cars are, you might start wondering, gesh why dont mechanic charge even more money
than they already do. And for some problems, that’s just the tip
of the iceberg, I’ve got a four channel freeze frame oscilloscope here. It’s a digital Pico oscilloscope, which hooks
up to my laptop and it can do four channels at a time to anaylze problems in the car. And guess what, there’s guys that go even
further than me on this stuff, they now have eight channel lab oscilloscopes to figure
out whats wrong with these modern cars. Now I’m not saying you cant do stuff like,
brake jobs, replacing batteries on your car. But sometimes there’s things that you just
going to have to pay a mechanic for when a modern car brakes down. And know you know, why it can cost so much
money to get them fixed. And if you want to know what made this car
go bad, it had bad wiring and I also had to replace the body control module, another computer
part! And remember, if you have any car questions,
just visit the On the road with scotty.

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