Windows 10 PPTP setup tutorial with ExpressVPN

Let’s walk through the steps for setting
up ExpressVPN manual configurations on Windows 10 using the PPTP protocol. To complete this tutorial, you’ll need a
computer running Windows 10, as well as an ExpressVPN subscription. Begin by visiting the ExpressVPN website. Click “My Account” at the top of the page
and sign in with your ExpressVPN username and password. On the next page, click the green button that
reads “Set up ExpressVPN.” Scroll down until you see “Manual Config”
on the left. Click on it. Then click “PPTP and L2TP IPSec” on the
right. You’ll see a username, password, and a list
of VPN server addresses. You will use these later in the setup process. Next, click the network button on your Windows
taskbar. Note that it will look different depending
on whether your computer is connected to the internet through ethernet or Wi-Fi. Click “Network and Internet Settings.” Then click “VPN” on the left. Select “Add a VPN connection.” For VPN provider, select “Windows (built-in).” For Connection name, choose a name that describes
the VPN server you plan to use. For server name or address, return to the
ExpressVPN website to copy the address of the server location you want to use. Paste it into the VPN settings window. For VPN type, select “Point to Point Tunneling
Protocol (PPTP).” Make sure the type of sign-in info is set
to “Username and password.” For username, return to the ExpressVPN site
and copy the username by clicking the button to the top right, and then paste it into the
VPN settings. Do the same for the password. Leave “Remember my sign-in info” checked. Then press “Save.” Note that you can create as many VPN profiles
as you want, allowing you to switch between VPN locations with ease. To connect to VPN, click the ExpressVPN location
you just made, followed by “Connect.” You may have to wait a little, but you’ll
know it’s successful when you see the text “Connected.” If you want to verify your VPN location, simply
visit To disconnect from the VPN, just click on
the network button on your taskbar, select the VPN connection, and click “Disconnect.” To delete a VPN profile, return to your network
settings and select “VPN.” Select the VPN profile you want to delete
and click “Remove.” Then click “Remove” again. Congrats! You’ve set up PPTP manual configurations
on your Windows 10 computer. Now you can enjoy the internet with peace
of mind. If you have any questions, ExpressVPN Support
is available 24/7. Thanks for watching!


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