[Windows] Change Keyboard Layout Keys on Windows 10 | Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

Hello Ace This is RetroTK2 and welcome to this Windows tutorial Today, we’re changing the layout of a Mac keyboard on Windows, although the same principles can be applied to any keyboard layout So let’s get started… Fire up chrome, type “Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator” and it should be the second link Click the “Download” button and when it finishes, click the installer “.exe” Click “Setup”, wait for it to unzip and then Click “Next>” Check the “I Agree” radio button and keep clicking “Next>” When it finishes installing, click “Close” and open the “Keyboard Layout Creator” I like to open the “On Screen Keyboard” as well Ace, since it’ll show the exact key mappings If we look at the “US” version of the mac keyboard, you’ll see it maps to the Windows “US” keyboard perfectly It’s the “UK” version that’s the problem Ace You can start from scratch with your keyboard Ace, but I prefer loading a preset Click “File>Load Existing Keyboard…” and navigate to the keyboard you’d like to use Ace You can change the position of the “Enter” key on the keyboard to match your actual keyboard Ace The “US” mac keyboard uses the first layout, where as the “UK” version uses the second Clicking the “Shift” checkbox will show the mappings when the “Shift” key is held The same goes for “Ctrl” and the “Alt+Ctrl” checkboxes Checking “Shift” and “Ctrl” will show the key mappings for when both these keys are held If you click on a key, a dialog box will pop up From here you can remap the key to a new one Ace Simply input the value you want and click “OK” Do this for all the mappings you want to change Ace and use the “On Screen Keyboard” if you’re unsure about the current key mappings Some of the more uncommon characters my not be present on the “On Screen Keyboard”, but you can get these from the net Type “windows alt key numeric codes” into Google and it should be the first link Here we get our “Plus/minus” key and “Section Symbol” key, but you can map these keys to whatever you like Ace I like to map the “Section Symbol” key to the “Hash” key, since I rarely use the “Section Symbol” and I always use the “Hash” key when I’m searching for C# solutions Once you’re happy with your keyboard layout, change the “Current working directory” to the location you want to save your layout Ace Select “File>Save Source File As…” and you’ll be asked to fill in a few properties for your keyboard layout Click “Yes”, give your keyboard a name and description and click “OK” Give the layout a name, Select a location for it and Click “Save” Now let’s install our keyboard layout To do this, we need to build a “Setup Package” Click “Project>Build DLL and Setup Package” Your keyboard may build with some warnings Ace, such as double key bindings Looking at the log will show you these duplicates, but they’re harmless Ace After the Installer builds, head to it’s directory and click the “setup.exe” Your keyboard layout should install successfully Ace Now we need to select it Open “Control Panel”, click “Clock, Language, and Region” and then Click “Add a language” You should see that a new language has been added with our keyboard layout selected Select the new language and click “Move Up”, then select the previous language and click “Remove” Now if I open the “On Screen Keyboard”, you’ll see it has adopted our new layout Ace You can change the keyboard layout by clicking “Options” then “Add an input method” Here you can select the keyboard layout you want to use Ace You can keep both layouts for the same language and switch between them, but I prefer keeping the one layout per language Click “Save” to confirm the changes Ace You can uninstall your keyboard layout like a standard program Open “Control Panel” and click “Uninstall a program” Navigate to your layout and click it to uninstall You may hit an error if the layout is currently in use Ace, but that’s easily solved by selecting a different keyboard layout Having the right keyboard layout will greatly increase your workflow Ace And that’s it… Rate, Comment and Subscribe Ace, feel free to get in touch You can email me at [email protected] with other productivity suggestions Thank you for watching Ace, and I’ll see you in the next video


  • This was really helpful

  • Hi, I spilt milk over my laptop and it had a very strange effect. Some keys stopped working, but others became sort of tethered //

    with others, for example when I hit the enter key, the forward slash key also activates and jumps up a line. (see above) Because of that I can't really use the enter key. the backspace key doesn't work at all so every time I make a typo I have to right click and cut. Also, the arrow keys don't work at all. I'm hoping to remap these keys  to other keys that I don't use too often. do you think this could work? Thanks.

  • how to reassign the nonassignable keys ( like the alt and ctrl )?

  • It says you need to have the. NET framework do you have a link for that?

  • Matt Rowan Powell

    Perfect step by step for me, worked first time. Good Job RetroTK2!

  • It dousnt work 😪 plz help me!

  • Hi Thanks for nice video. I am a visual impaired mac user whos trying to go over to PC. I was just wondering if this method of changig keyboard layout can be used so i can work my PC as "if it was a mc" meaning is there anyway that i could just change the Pc layout into mac layout? so fex i get my "command" instead of control" f.ex. i could press command (would probably be placed where the alt key is now) + c for copy, instead of cotntrol + c ? and i could use the ordinary standard f11 and f12 for volume up and down and and f2 and f3 for display brightness etc. …. Do you have any knowledge of this?

  • yasmin y.elsharawy

    you really helped me thanks very much

  • 2:28 I don't get this part, I don't have that file in the folder I saved the .klc extension

  • it doesn't show the page down button on there, how do i change page down to shift

  • Thanks for the video but it didn't work for me. No new language showed up in the control panel after I did the install. A new input method showed up under the same language, but I couldn't see any way to select it. I might try SharpKeys instead because I'd also like to do something about the weird split enter and shift keys which are a pain in the butt on this keyboard.

  • Hi, thank you very much for your vidéo ! Very helpful! Do you know how to add special characters like an accent ?
    I tried several ways and instead of writing it like this for example : é it becomes ´e :'(

  • Hi, I tried to install this but when I try to install it says that i don't have .NET Framework, but when I try to install .NET Framework it says I have it. Please help!!!!

  • Can't install it.
    When I try to install the layout it said it failed creating windows package or something and when I try again, it says the directory is already installed although it isn't. Please help

  • When i try to install the Microsoft keyword layout creator it says you need to have .NET Framework version 2.0 even though i have .NET framework version 4.7 and the setup exits. Why is that ? Can anyone help me ?

  • how to map Esc key

  • When I open it I do not see the keyboard help!!!!

  • hey i need to change the enter button to another one

  • i need to chnge esc

  • Am i misunderstanding something, or is this solution kind of squishy? Because my keyboard, an apple aluminium from 2007, doesnt have the layout of the newer keyboards and I cant find it. So without the right layout, this software is useless, because around 30 keys on the right hand side (those that only come in the extended keyboards) is unmappable. I simply cant click them in the editor – the gui isnt showing them. So how do I select them and change them?

  • Estudiante javier jose janna jaraba

    hello, how can I use ctrl+c,ctrl+x,ctrl+v ? I changed these keys to the numbers 1,2 and 3. but only the lettres x,c,v works. and I can not neither copy or paste

  • I bought a new laptop and the keyboard layout is different, there's now a '' where the second 'ctrl' used to be and its been getting on my nerves. I tried this but I couldn't change the value to 'ctrl' is it even possible??

  • it doesn't let me build, any suggestion?

    CL.EXE returned 1
    RC.EXE returned 1
    LINK.EXE returned 1

  • When I hit setup it says 'The requested operation requires elevation' Please help.

  • How the hell do I change wasd to arrow keys? It's really annoying as i'm playing a game that is un-remappable and used to have a wasd-switch keyboard, so i'm trying to do it manually

  • Thank you very much. Liked + Subscribed.

  • can u also change ctrl to another key?

  • im unable to map my asdf keys to my arrow keys, anyone know how? Im unable to change this ingame hence my issue?

  • Hey, So I am working with the program, designing my German keyboard with some English keyboard aspects (for usefulness in programming). I was able to make it all the way up to building the DLL for the language. unfortunately, after I ran the setup.exe, and attempted to set the language, I found that the keyboard was not added (or at least in full, and found in the "input method" part of the language that my keyboard was listed along with the German (IBM) keyboard. All fine and dandy, just delete the old one, however, I found quickly that the keyboard was not in the computer as the preview button was greyed out. I attempted to delete and then rebuild the keyboard with no luck (it didn't delete the keyboard from the Control Panel, and it didn't fix the issue).
    I followed the instructions to the letter, is there a different method for non-English users?

  • Great video…!!! Thank you, But what happens when you have a spacial keyboard? (completely different position a number of keys)
    Thank again.


  • Thank you sooo much. This really helped

  • why do u sound like donald trump man XD

  • Anyone else want to count how many times he said Ace. Good video

  • who the fucks ace? anyways thanks using this to improve my competitive gameplay


  • why isnt there a numpad?

  • Ossian Abrahamsson

    at 2:25 I get an error that says CL.EXE returned 1 RC.EXE returned 1 LINK.EXE returned 1 and the file that says for you uk-apple dose not exist for my only an docement that says build whit the same errors

  • Hello, i use a surface pro and i would like to know if there is a way to choose / Make a numerical keyboard while in tabletmode ( with that i mean the on screenkeyboard. ) as a usualy type a lot of ip adresses.

  • there's no "add a language" for me in the control panel

  • Thanks a million 🙂

  • You can't create a completely custom keyboard layout because you can not change the location of certain keys like the CTRL, Shift, and Caps lock

  • Great video and information. I ran into CL.EXE returned 1 RC.EXE returned 1 LINK.EXE error messages and none of the comments helped my case. Any solutions out there? I am running windows 10 . Thanks

  • Hi, I have installed the keyboard creator according your instructions, after installation, i am unable to select the new keyboard. It is grayed out, so i cant change it to my custom keyboard, something is wrong.

  • is there a way to remap fkeys?

  • How do i do it without downloading shitty softwares..?

  • there's no keyboard layout in my layout creator.

  • hi all i know this vid is old but for now i want to switch between me function key and control key cuz im used to that ctrl key in the corner but with my new keyboard the fn key is found in the corner any help ????

  • how do i change the esc key??

  • How about 2 lettered one characters? like Hiragana and Katana in Japanese? How do i do that?

  • Hey, I think this software cannot map arrow keys Ace and function keys Ace, am I right Ace?

  • Misael del Río

    Hello. I get an error when I try to install it. Says "This setup requieres the .NET Framework version 2.0.50727. Please install de .NET Framework and run this setup again. The .NET Framework can be obtained from the web…" After I install the framework from the website I still can run the set up. Do you know what can I do?

  • I am trying to reassign my Caps lock with Tab key, and this was same case for me

  • lapingénieur _

    I've Clock and region in the configuration panel (and no language), and when I click it I've just 2 choices : region and date/time…
    Please help !!!

  • CL.EXE returned 1

    RC.EXE returned 1

    LINK.EXE returned 1

  • when i go to control panel it only says date clock and place help please!

  • Hi. How do i change the ff:
    1. right ALT key to SHIFT key?
    2. Fn key (located on the lower left side next to left CTRL key) to left CTRL key?
    Thanks for your help.

  • to hard

  • Balthazar Rivière

    How to assign Enter to Control+M?

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