Women in Computer Science – Riza

(relaxing music) – To know that my work is very useful, and can create impact, is very fulfilling. I come originally from the Philippines. In our house, we had this
old-style classic typewriter. (laughs) The one that goes ding, and then you do that, you know? My mom used to take me to her office, and then I would see how
she would do the same tasks, but using a computer, and then I thought I would like to know how to use it, but also importantly, how that works. Social media can be a
good and a bad thing. I think we have a responsibility,
as computer scientists, to keep it kind of a safe place. That relates to the type
of work that I am doing, where we’re using data science,
and text mining methods, to try to flag up textual content, to see which ones of this are
offensive, or expressing hate. I feel very fortunate to have been given that opportunity to inspire
more people to do similar work. I’m Riza, and I’m a
lecturer in text mining, at the Department of Computer Science.

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