Worst Security Vendor Email Pitches – Black Hat 2019

– David Spark reporting
for the CISO Series. I am here at Black hat 2019 in Las Vegas, and I am surrounded by security vendors that have their scanners in hand scanning badges, collecting
contact information, and inevitably, they’re gonna
do some email marketing, and they’re gonna send some email pitches. I’m gonna guess a lot of them are not gonna land too well. What is the worst email
pitch from a vendor you’ve ever seen? – Oh. (laughing) (laughing) – There’s so many bad ones. – The “do you care” pitch. If you even care about such and such. with your cybersecurity then you should talk to me. It’s very arrogant and very misguided. – Can I talk to you for 15 minutes? And they never tell me what is it about. – They don’t tell you what
they want to talk about. They just wanna meet with you
to try to sell you something. – I love the ones that
start off with dear, insert name here. Dear NA. They did mass mailing,
didn’t verify the contacts. – The worst email pitch I ever received was someone that said I can
tell that you’re interested in financial sales. And I’ve always been in cyber, so their pitch was
completely irrelevant to me. – You have to do some
research about a person. – My LinkedIn profile
tells you everything. – Do your homework. – What is the worst email
pitch you’ve ever seen? – They’ll send you an initial email and then there’s like
lots of different stages that they go through,
and their follow ups. – We know you’re busy. We assume you wanna get back to us. – They get more and more desperate. – We miss you. – Do you believe that
they really miss you? – No. – Just don’t send the email if I don’t respond after the first time. – Worst pitch I think I’ve ever gotten was somebody trying to give me something. – Someone actually sent a
bottle of wine to the office. One iPod earpiece coming in the mail, the box said that if you want the other one agree to chat to us for a sales pitch. – Did you ship the thing back? – No, I think it went
straight in the trash. – This is an original one. I own stock in your company and I was on your last investor call and I have a lot of questions
about your cybersecurity. Then comes the pitch. – Would you consider that
bad or just impressive? – Horrible. – Hey you were at such and such party. Really enjoyed talking to you. Would like to go ahead and follow up. Okay, wait a minute. I was in the hospital. I have no idea who you people are. – You really partied hard I guess. – I guess I did. We’re looking for partners. Just approach us as normal people. – Just gimme the real deal. That’s what I wanna hear.

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  • I used to work for a home and business security monitoring firm and the worse one i heard was about a doorstep salesman being brushed off by a guy who said he doesn't need cameras etc, because he's got his dogs.
    Not put off one bit, the salesman says 'never mind, sorry to have bothered you' etc and goes away…only to burst into the mans kitchen a minute later through the back door, grab a kitchen knife, threaten the startled potential customer with it and exclaim "Where's you effing dogs now, eh?"

    He didn't get the sale, but he did get the sack. 🙂

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